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SPP Preparation
A School Pal-Pak (SPP) will serve two students. Prepare School Pal-Paks in boxes of 10. Each box of 10 will serve 20 children.

Packing Instructions:

1. Gather NEW items in quantities listed below. Assemble Paks and seal the zip-lock bags. Include only those items listed on the inventory.

Into a 1 gallon zip-loc bag put the following NEW items:

2 MEAD or composition notebooks, no larger than 9¾”x7½” - Do not substitute ring notebooks. Use only soft-bound notebooks.
•1 package of 10-12 #2 pencils
•1 package of 10-12 black pens
•2 pink erasers, 2-3” long
•2 6” or 12” rulers (with metric)
•1 package of 12-15 colored pencils
•1 pair of blunt-nosed scissors
•1 hand-held pencil sharpener

These contents will give each student a composition notebook, 5-6 pencils, 5-6 pens, an eraser, and a ruler. Two students will share the colored pencils, sharpener, and scissors.

2. Fill each 12”x12”x12” box (which can be purchased at an office supply store) with 10 Paks—no more, no less.

3. Do not insert money or literature in the Paks or boxes.

4. Please put both “To” and “From” addresses on the box.

5. Send SPPs to:
Fawn Grove Church of the Nazarene warehouse

SPP Handout