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Where to get Clothing

  • Ask your church family to clean out their closets.
  • Encourage your church family to ask their neighbors and relatives to contribute clothing.
  • Place a classified ad in your local/daily/weekly newspaper.
  • Place an announcement on an Internet bulletin board.
  • Write a news article about your clothing project and your church’s involvement in Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.
  • Go to yard sales – often clothing can be purchased for very little money. Ask those conducting the yard sales if they would donate leftover clothing at the end of the day. Then make sure you are there to pick up the items.
  • Check with consignment shops to see if they would donate leftover or surplus clothing. Many will – especially at the end of seasons, March for spring and Summer clothing, September for fall and Winter clothing.
  • Check with managers of local department stores to see if leftover or soiled clothing could be donated. Explain about our project and the need. If they require proof that we are a legitimate non-profit relief agency, call John Borgal at 614-572-3496 or 614-572-3496.