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Children's Bible Quizzing

Join us on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm for Children’s Bible Quizzing. Children’s Bible Quzzing is a Bible study kid’s style! It is intended for children ages 6-12 or in 1st-6th grade. Each study has 20 lessons (called Dig Sites) dedicated to the study of an entire book or books of the Bible. There are major lesson sections dedicated to active-learning and activities are specifically geared to help children immerse themselves in the ancient world. Each week children build their spiritual vocabulary as they incorporate FAITH WORDS into their everyday lives. Characteristics of God are revealed in each weekly Dig Site to help children learn who God is, what He is like, and how He interacts with people.

This year, as children study 1 & 2 Samuel, they will learn what it means to “Live for the King!” They will follow the adventures of the Israelites as they choose to serve an earthly king. King Saul proved to be disloyal to God. Then, King David, a man after God’s own heart, prepares the way for a new kind of King—Jesus!

This Bible study provides the body of information that is used as the basis for children's quizzing competition. Competition is an optional part of the Children's Bible Quizzing ministry. In Children's Bible Quizzing, each child challenges himself or herself to reach award levels. In this approach, children quiz against a base of knowledge, not each other. The multiple-choice method of competition allows every child to answer every question. This approach makes it possible for every child to score a perfect score. Children's Quizzing provides Bible study review and competition questions for two levels of ability and comprehension:

  • The RED Level is for younger children, beginning readers, and older quizzers who need or desire a simpler level of review and competition
  • The BLUE Level is for older children, better readers, and younger quizzers who need or desire an advanced form of review and competition